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Hole characters to welcome you!

"The Welcoming Committee"


There are plenty of animal characters at the Hole to welcome new and returning guests...'Head of Security' is Holly, our brown and white 'Sprolly' (Springer Spaniel cross Collie).  She likes all the other animals to know she is next in authority (after the human residents), but she simply adores people.


  Ethel Fritha

 Albert the Hen

Albert is chief egg layer and despite her name is actually a hen.

If it gets chilly, she can sometimes be seen wearing her woolly hat to keep her warm, and likes nothing better than dozing in front of a log fire next to Holly, who isnt always quite so keen!



  Ethel Fritha


Often you will find a Hole resident where you don't expect to find them...

Flower pots are a regular hidey hole for the chickens. They only give their location away by peeking over the edge of their newly acquired residence.

This young lady is 'Ethelfritha'. All the chickens and cockerels enjoy a dust bath in a flower pot or in the wood shavings in the Pole Barn, so expect to see dust and dirt pitched into the air by a seemingly invisible host!


 Florence and Maisy

Florence, Maisy and Jemima

Recent additions are our 3 pedigree Dexter cows pets - 2 of the 3 seen here.

They will only grow waist height, and enjoy being fed and stroked.

All 3 were born in spring 2008, and if you had thought before that all cattle are huge and a little physically intimidating, meeting these 3 youngsters will change your view.

Gwendoline and George make a lot of honking noise when you first arrive, sharing security duties with Holly. 

They think they are both Early Warning Stations and fashion critics, but George is a Chinese Goose and Gwendoline is a cross goose < Chinese & traditional> and she lays very large eggs, but only when and where it suits them!

Once they recognise you're no longer a stranger, they should stop honking!      

 image to follow 

Some of the other members of the welcoming committee:

Barny & Bernie Barn Owl - as seen left, have had babies again this year in the Cow shed in a specially contructed box, and Barny can be seen most nights hunting around 8pm.

< Here you can see him hunting in the flower meadow, until the dog decides to try and eat him!>


We also have a family of wild Roe deer in the fields, that can regularly be seen early and late in the day. To give them cover, we allows parts of some fields to grow tall rushes, in which they hide and 'nest' overnight.   




Our most recent additions are two young donkies: - Gabriel & Hugo. They love being petted and have a sweet tooth for carrots.
<Here in the video, i tried to call them over to the camera to meet you, which after a little hesitancy went well, until my finger was eaten!>


Gabriel the donkey

  Hugo the donkey

Sir Francis Drake

Sir Martin Frobisher pictured on the left is our resident male duck has 2 girlfriends - Elizabeth and Mary - both pure white feathers and  pale blue eyes.

However, there is now competition on the block; with Raewald the male runner duck, who bullies Martin.

Raewald has 2 lady friends of his own, Rowena and Covetina, but thats not enough for him!

Lambert & Mathilda are our two resident mouse catchers - although they seem to spend most of their time asleep, and always find the warmest of sunspots.

And then there's the one and only Horace....oh dear oh dear....its best you find out about Horace and his 'peculiar choice of girlfriends' yourself!

Also there's Murgatroyd, Martha, Lucy, Tiny, & so on......

A very warm welcome to you, from all of us!!